Our Warranty

Copy of Remanufactured/New Engine Limited Warranty

The engine builder warrants that their remanufactured/new engine shall be free of defects from

materials and/or workmanship, when installed properly by a competent technician, used for

normal use and serviced for the periods of time or distance from date of purchase, whichever

occurs first, as listed below:

This warranty is expressly in lieu of any other warranty expressed or implied, including but not

limited to, merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, and all other obligations or

liabilities on the part of the engine builder. By purchasing this engine it is understood that

customer accepts and agrees to comply with the terms of this limited warranty.

LONG BLOCK/ COMPLETE ENGINES: Wolverine engines are warranted for

one year (12 months) from the original invoice date.

MARINE WARRANTY TERMS: Engines used in marine applications that are not intended as such

carry no warranty, and no provision for labor claims. Wolverine does not recommend using engines

in the marine capacity unless they have been cataloged as such. Cataloged marine engines carry the

standard warranty.

RACE ENGINE WARRANTY TERMS: Race engines or engines used in racing carry no warranty.

SHORT BLOCKS/ MACHINE WORK: Short blocks carry no warranty. Wolverine guarantees

proper machine work but is is no way responsible for the engine or parts

associated with the engine on engines that Wolverine performs work on

but does not build to at least a long block.

CUSTOMER PROVIDED PARTS: Wolverine does not provide any warranty on engines or other services

using customer provided parts.

WOLVERINE IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR: 1. Labor incurred for engine or

transmission removal or installation; 2. Fluid or lost parts, E.G., spark plugs, thermostat, etc.,

left in or on unit; 3. Lost time, mileage, towing, phone calls, diagnostic time, labor or service

calls; 4. Damage due to an accident, misuse, improper installation, negligence, repair, or


PRODUCT REPLACED UNDER WARRANTY: Product replaced under warranty carries the

remainder of the original product’s warranty term. Repairs or replacement does not extend or

renew length of warranty nor does it imply fault.

STANDARDS: Subject to limitations listed herein, we, as its option, shall repair or replace a

product within the warranty term after the determination by us that the product is defective. All

products are returned to us for inspection. Products not returned to us will not be warranted. All

repairs and/or replacements covered by this warranty must be authorized by us. Unauthorized

repairs will not be paid.

MAINTENANCE REQUIREMENTS: Valves must be readjusted (if necessary) at your expense, and

the oil and filter changed for marine engines at 5 hours, automotive engines at 500 miles.

Failure to have these services performed will VOID the warranty. The engines oil and filter

must be changed for marine engines every 2 months or 25 hours, whichever comes first.

Records of the maintenance performed, receipts and work orders must be kept. The parts,

labor, date, mileage or hours, and service performed should be documented on the receipts.

Failure to perform these basic operations will result in a voided warranty.


A. This Limited Warranty does not cover damage or loss due to the following services:

1. Misuse, maintenance neglect, abuse, vandalism, abnormal operation or accidents;

2. A BREAKDOWN occurring to a BOAT operated outside the United States of America or


3. Defective or improper installation;

4. Improper break-in;

5. Environmental conditions, overheating or freeze cracks;

6. Burned, scored or melted pistons;

7. Lack of lubricants or fluids;

8. The cost of repair to correct poor performance, low compression and/or oil consumption, (i.

e. pistons, piston rings, cylinder taper, valves, valve guides, valve seals and valve seats).

Damage caused to the above listed parts by predetonation or detonation are not considered a

breakdown under the terms and conditions of this CONTRACT.

9. Excessive cost to repair or replace a listed component/part. Reasonable cost being:

Manufacturer’s suggested retail price on parts. Labor charges will be determined by the use of

a flat rate manual, for the repair or replacement of a listed component/part.

10. Foreign material in combustion chamber or oil pan;

11. Failures of components or parts not furnished or otherwise approved by remanufacturer for

installation, or components or parts unsuitable for use with a warranted engine or part;

12. Abnormal wear, tear, use of an engine or part for purposes other than for which it was

originally intended or a change from original application;

13. Modifications and/or alterations to the ENGINE. The repair and/or replacement of parts

which do not meet or exceed manufacturer’s specifications.

14. Damage to pistons or other engine components from detonation or pre-ignition;

15. Crankshaft thrust surface worn due to defective or improperly installed clutch, torque

converter or motor mounts;

16. Subsequent damage to listed component/parts due to the failure of the operator to

immediately cease operating and protect the boat when a breakdown has occurred.

17. Internal modification with aftermarket performance parts;

Loss or expense to the BOAT protected under the contract when the hour meter is inoperative

or stopped, improper recorded calculation, tampered with or altered.

18. Over fueling or other dilution of lube oil.

19. Lean conditions (under fueling)

20. Nitrous, Supercharged, and Turbo charged engines.

21. Overrevving

22. Rust, corrosion or damage caused by electrolysis.

B. This Limited Warranty does not cover or provide payment or reimbursement for the

following services:

1. Replacement oil, anti-freeze, fluids or other substances;

2. Towing charges or other substitute transportation;

3. Diagnostic time, labor (except as set forth above) or service calls;

4. Gaskets or other parts or items associated with but not included with warranted engines

and/or parts;

5. Transportation charges or lodging;

6. Loss of time, income, sales or profits; loss of use of vehicle; telephone calls or

communication expense;

7. Lift, dock or storage fees;

8. Tune-ups or replacement of belts, hoses or maintenance items; routine, regularly required


9. Injury or death to persons or damage or destruction of property; consequential or incidental


10. Freight charges


Immediately after the discovery of a potential defect and prior to the expiration of the

warranty period, the customer must comply with the following procedure:

A. Discontinue use of the engine or part.

B. Contact the installer of the engine before contacting us.

C. Unless a field repair is specifically authorized by us, the engine or part thought to be

defective must be returned to us or our authorized inspection station for evaluation, with the

return location to be determined at our sole discretion. All returned engines or parts must be

accompanied by a copy of the customer’s original invoice or receipt showing the date the

returned engine or part was purchased by the customer.

E. Returned engines must be returned with all parts intact that were originally furnished with

the engine or charges will be made for missing parts.

F. Customers will be responsible for payment on any diagnostic/ tear down labor used on non

warranted conditions.

HEAT TABS: All engines have temperature sensing devices installed. If engine temperature

exceeds 250 degrees Fahrenheit warranty is VOIDED. If heat tabs are removed warranty is

also VOIDED.