427ci LS7 Darton Sleeve MID- Long Block- 600HP

427ci LS7 Darton Sleeve MID- Long Block- 600HP


Bare block- Darton MID wet sleeves installed in a used aluminum LS block. This includes: pressure test for cracks, cleaning, boring, decking, finish torque plate honing, align honing, and cam bearings/ galley plugs installed. Bored to 4.125”. Will clear 4” stroke.

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  • Crankshaft is forged steel 4340 4” stroke

  • Rods are forged steel 4340 H beam 6.125”

  • Pistons are forged DSS Racing -15cc dish

  • Clevite P performance bearings

  • Moly performance rings

  • Hand fit clearances with build sheet included

  • 24 or 58x reluctor

  • Computerized balanced

  • Compression Ratio: 10.40:1

  • Cylinder heads are rebuilt GM LS7 with titanium retainers and double valve springs.

  • New chromoly 1 piece pushrods.

  • Rebuilt LS7 rocker arms.

  • Double roller timing chain.

  • Performance roller camshaft.

  • Hydraulic roller LS7 lifters.

  • ARP head bolts.

  • 1 year warranty.